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Thank you for all your support over the years! Lou’s Upcycles has retired the production/studio portion of the business but continues to travel through New England presenting her plastic bag recycling education and upcycling workshops. Are you interested in having Lou come to your community? Head here to learn more, see upcoming scheduled workshop or get in touch to schedule one for your area. 

What else can I do to keep Lou’s mission alive?


2. RECYCLE YOUR PLASTIC BAGS Remember, you can’t recycle bags with your other recyclables! Pellet fuel bag recycling guide can be found here.

3. TAKE A WORKSHOP: learn how to upcycle your household’s plastic bag and wrapper waste.

4.  DONATE cereal or cracker bags for Lou’s workshops.

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF about our plastic pandemic. There are many other resources on this site including videosbooks, and other info.